Monday, July 18, 2005

I made a new meatloaf on Saturday. I will post a quick recipe and photos!! by Wednesday. It is an answer to Athena's request for Thanksgiving loaf.


Jazzpazzaz said...

Hi Peter,

I have, until now, watched your blog from the sidelines, hoping to somehow jump into the conversation. But, meatloaf is tough for me. I wondered why this was so and now I think I know. I was reading your summary of Stephen's comments and the whole cross-cultural aspect and I don't think there's such a thing as meatloaf in Indian culture (correct me if I'm wrong). We do have smaller varieties such as meat tikkas and little "meatballs" and kebabs made of ground beef formed like a glob around a skewer. Do these count as meatloafs? In any case, it was another reminder of how as immigrants, the lack of meatloaf along with the lack of knitting and baking somehow makes me question my cultural identity. Am I less Canadian? Does marriage to Luke make up for the lack of meatloaf in my life? Will Arjan ever know meatloaf?

athena said...

I hope it was good.

Otherwise I take no credit for it.

spezbaby said...

It could have been better, but considering I made it with karma and without a recipe it turned out well.

Sami Lama said...

Maybe a VGC should be held so that you can continue to perfect this meatloaf receipe. I am sure you will have willing test subjects!

athena said...


karmic meatloaf... that's funny.

Cormac said...

"Karmic" meatloaf? Is someone taking the piss? "Ahhhh, toy-toy-toy...'Karmic', that's wonderful meahtlooaf you made there...."

I simply love it when I get a chance to make fun of my people. (I don't necessarily expect some of the readers to get this; it's a play on this mick's real name.)