Friday, July 15, 2005

Well, I am still kinda blah about writing. Maybe it is the heat, maybe work (you go HP!!), but I'm bummed. so I need to talk about something else for a day or so.

Tonight I saw The Wedding Crashers and, yes, I do think Vince Vaughn is the god of comedy. I really enjoyed this movie. Yes, it was crass. Yes, it was smaltzy, but dammit it made me laugh. Not to mention that meatloaf played a small role in one very funny scene.

So go see the movie. It is funny, it has nudity wedding music, Vince Vaughn is really tall, they mention meatloaf and the Weakerthans are on the soundtrack. What more could you ask?


Sami Lama said...

I agree that Vince Vaughn is fantastic in the comedic element. Runs circles around that over-rated hack Will Ferrell. I just around to seeing Dodgeball the other weekend. It is an average movie (ok, maybe a little less than average) but I got some good laughs out of it and I guess that is the point of comedy.

Weakerthans have "Aside" on the soundtrack - great song! Looks like they are picking up fans outside of Canada in a major way. Good on them.

athena said...

I saw this today and LOVED it. It was funny and full of totally random characters which I love in a movie.