Monday, August 08, 2005

The amount of times I have joked about Web Cafes being the growth industry of Toronto (a long walk down Bloor West is the prime example) makes me forget how rare they can be outside of the Big Smoke.

My hotel has no internet access. Well, that is not exactly true. My hotel only has WiFi access, so if you forgot to bring your own computer you are screwed. Too modern I guess.

Reporting from London, this is your faithful host signing off.


Cormac said...

Well, that's because unlike Torontonians, Londoners usually go to a nice pub for a piss-up instead of maintaining the social distance imposed by Internet cafes in Toronto. In Canada's largest city, proud home to a "Thank God it's Monday" culture, people no longer know how to have fun in the people's temple: the boozer. Don't Torontonians spend enough time in front of their computers? Goodness knows that it's harder to chat with a computer than it is with a fellow punter!!!

Get thee to a pub, young Pete!


athena said...

London, eh?

I highly recommend a Gentleman's Club called The Beef Baron. Mondays are Amateur Night I hear.


Sami Lama said...

I am assuming that you did manage to find an Internet cafe (or at least Internet access of some form) in the "wilds" of London as you made this posting. I was at a hotel a little while ago where they also had only Wi-Fi access - and I had a wireless card but forgot to bring it with me on that trip. Annoying to say the least.

I would have to disagree with maclock's comments - I don't think Torontonians have any problems getting themselves to a pub or any other drinking establishment judging by how crowded many of these spots are (and how many there are). I think it is a myth that smaller cities/towns have any extra leg up on ability to socialize, have fun or booze it up.

But that's just my $0.02 worth having lived in NYC and currently residing in TO.

Cormac said...

I had the wrong London in mind.

I was thinking of that incredibly expensive, but undeniably fun, place across the Atlantic Ocean.

I am confused, but I have a hankering for some meatloaf. I can't explain the genesis of this urge....