Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am still at a loss. Where is the love?

How am I going to make 'Jerk Pork Meatloaf'? My ideal would be to have the 'loaf be slightly jerk flavoured while having a strong fragrant glaze. I need some help here folks.

What are the predominent flavours of Jerk and how do I get them in a 'loaf? Let's hear it.

Just a heads up. Caribou and Moose 'loaf recipes will hopefully be coming soon, but remember kids, only love can break your heart.


ADZO said...

I've used the President's Choice Memories of Jamaica Jerk sauce a number of times, it's very good. I know from a purist point of view you'd probably want to make your own sauce, but this could allow you to have a trial run at it.


athena said...

Why are you bringing love into this all of a sudden?


spezbaby said...

Well, the blog is called I Love Meatloaf.

Richler said...

I am not sure how a sauce that is loaded with ninja spice and such would fare with tender meat. I am thinking it would end up too tough in that little loaf tin.

Adzo is on to something. Give it a whirl.