Thursday, October 13, 2005

One of the many things I have had boiling on the back burners of my creative place was a piece on the Meatloaf sandwich. Well, as proof of the bonds between friends, my pal Pasta sent this missive all the way from Colorado:

While I do have affection for meatloaf, I personally see a freshly baked meatloaf as a vehicle for producing left over meatloaf. Left over meatloaf, cold and sliced (generously thick), may be considered, by some, unappetizing. Some people, like my wife, have issues with leftovers. Please reserve your judgment until you have tried it between two slices of bread (I would go a lighter type of bread, perhaps a mild multigrain in lieu of any kind of rye or pumpernickel) with yellow - yes, you heard me, yellow mustard. Of course, that said, a nice country grainy white wine mustard is really nice too! I believe it's the tartness that is the key and the reason that regular Dijon just doesn't cut it.

Now, with some introspection, and complete outward honesty, I cannot be sure that the meatloaf as a vehicle for left over meatloaf, and more specifically meatloaf sandwiches, isn't actually a vehicle for mustard. I do love mustard.

Brilliant! I couldn't have put it better myself (except for the mustard thing, I know I love meatloaf)

Anyway, for you further enjoyment, here are a couple of photos of a meatloaf sandwich I made a little while ago.


Cormac said...

An excellent team effort, fellas!

I'm now jonesing for a meatloaf sandwich.


athena said...

Were those pictures taken at your house?


mark_yy_mark said...


I went to the grocery store today...and lo and behold, a meatloaf sandwich in the deli. I'm not sure if you have Safeway in Canada, but hot diggity, it was a good sandwich. Meatloaf-wise it was cut a little thin, but check this out - Apple Horseradish sauce - Brrrrr-illiant!!

I think this is a sure sign the endangered meatloaf, once only seen on shows like "Leave it to Beaver" or "Archie Bunker", is making a comeback to the wild.

Sweet Delicious

spezbaby said...

Yes the pictures were taken by my trusty old digital camera in my house.

athena said...

I meant it in a "those are too nice to have been taken in someone's house" kind of way.