Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wandering around the 'net for as long as I have you come across a strange collection of useful and less than useful sites. One of these sites, one that I came across 5 or 6 years ago, was the home of Getty Images. Now for those that don't know, Getty Images is a company that sells images used in marketing and mass media. They have millions of photographs. And I mean millions. The best part is that they are all searchable, albeit in a less than print perfect form. But they still make for entertaining surfing.

This is what I got after I searched for 'meatloaf'. (Remember to clarify between 'Meat Loaf (Named Person)' and 'Meat Loaf (Meat Dish)')


Cormac said...


I selected the baked protein and not the half-baked person. I must say that Getty Images features some fancy-ass looking meatloaves.

All the best,

mark_yy_mark said...

Agreed, those loaves look good enough to eat! Wow!

Miss Julia said...

I enjoyed clicking both boxes and looking at the Named Person and the Meat Dish all at once. A little creepy.

Anonymous said...

go to
they are way better