Thursday, December 22, 2005

So, I am busy. These are the high holy shopping days and I work in retail. My time is at a huge premium, but I would like to make a 'loaf. I need help.

What does everyone think would go well in a Yule 'Loaf?

If the suggestions are reasonable, I will try to make it on Xmas day or Boxing day for use at a Boxing day party I think I will be attending.


Anonymous said...

Are you in TO or NL for the hols? 'cause if it is the latter, a small game loaf - rabbit, partridge,or whatever minced with domestic meat might be a nice little traditional throw back to holiday meat pies of yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

peter. i am in toronto until the 27. want to see you and eat a loaf before you leave for NL.

call me at sisters.


athena said...


I say pick something I won't enjoy since I won't be where you are.


Cormac said...

Merry Christmukah or whatever the kids are now calling it, Pierre!

See you soon,