Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What is it with the Brits and their cookbooks? Why are they so much more accepting of ethnic and or lifestyle food choices? Why can you get a curry on your fries (chips?!)? Why is vegetarianism so much more accepted and seen as a viable alternative, especially for restaurants?

I have this cookbook that I bought at work a while back. It is titled The Burger Book by Gina Steers and as you can imagine it is a collection of burger recipes. Of the 34 distinct burger recipes, 5 are fish and 10 are vegetarian. Roughly 45% of the book is for non meat eaters. The rest fall under meats and poultries and even those are more exciting than most. A couple fun examples would be Smoky Trout Burgers with Pesto Relish from fish. Or my favourite from poultry, Duck Burgers with Sweet Apple and Plum Relish. Meat comes in with a couple of whoppers (mind the pun) like Lamb Tikka Masala Burgers and Beef Teriyaki Burgers with Sizzling Vegetables. The veggie options are the true winners, however. How could one not get excited by Butternut Squash with Cornmeal Burgers or Blue Cheese and Apple Burgers or Macadamia and Feta Cheese Burgers? It just boggles the mind.

I just wonder where I can find enough ground duck to fill a loaf pan.

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